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Are you the person who is always curious to know stuffs around you and the reason behind them?

Do you struggle with questions like – “Is there any God”, “What is the irrefutable proof of God?”, “Who am I?”, “What happens after death?”, “How much fate and free will one has?” and many more like this?

Are you among those who always seek for knowledge, reality, truth, meaning of life etc.?

Then, Quantum X is for you.

My name is Udit and it’s my passion to ponder out the things around us. I believe that –

The true traits of a curious people is to analyze the fact from every perspective without being biased by a particular notion because a true researcher/scientist is someone who takes even the most creepiest idea into account and test it from every angle  and then suggest the conclusion.

Therefore in Quantum X; we not only take the principle of science but also take philosophy and proper reasoning into account.

Why the name “QUANTUM X”?

In physics; the word “Quantum” refers to small or, more specifically fundamental. Thus, Quantum mechanics (a branch of physics) deal with particles which are very small yet fundamental as they make all matter around us. Again,

In mathematics; we are very familiar with the alphabet “X” whose value is UNKNOWN in most of the time and we have to find its value.
So here we are with the name “QUANTUM X” which simply refers to facts that are very fundamental but still unknown.

Keep Calm & Start Exploring

I always wonder how much time we lost in things that results zero productivity like wasting hours and hours in social media, gaming, prank videos, jokes, chatting etc. etc.

Therefore I decided no such bullshit here. Quantum X is all about exploration and knowledge.

I collect information from various sources just to give you the best possible explanation of phenomena in a very lucid manner.

Well the story doesn’t end here…

Quantum X is an open platform and you are free to comment your views and explanations on the facts and why don’t you make your time on social media useful?
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There is lots of way for exploration and all you have to do is “Click”.


Knowledge comes with exploration and not just by having degrees of A+ grade. It doesn’t matter “Who you are?”, “Where are you from?”, “What qualification you have?

The only thing that makes you different from everyone else is KNOWLEDGE.
Our life is that dash between the two numbers written in a tombstone and this is the time to make that dash useful.

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That’s all folks!! Peace out...
Quantum X

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