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If you haven’t read the previous parts of this article then, I recommend you to read those first for better understanding of the subject.  

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In our last post we have started our new and final sub-topic, i.e., “Spiritual perspective on the existence of spirits & ghosts” and discussed about the life force or, “Prana”, different sheaths or, “Kosha” present in human body and their relation along with the journey of spirit after death.

In this post we will continue and conclude our discussion on the same sub-topic.

This is the last post of this entire series and the conclusion of this long discussion will be given at the end of this post.

Rebirth of the soul

Soul” is nothing but the “Consciousness” itself and it is all-pervading, eternal and beyond the understanding of human intellect. 

The “Consciousness” is infinite and we just experience a tiny part of it, which we call as “Soul” or, “Atman”.

This implies that each soul is indifferent than the other just like the two drops of water.

If this is the case then, the next question that arises here is -: 

“What makes the difference?”

Well, the answer is “Kosha” (Sheaths) that forms the “spirit”.

From our last discussion, we knew that even after the death, four out of five sheaths remain enveloping the soul or, consciousness.

Enlightenment happens when a person breaks these four koshas when we are alive. Buddhists call such person, a “Buddha”. After reaching to such a state, the person need to maintain it till their death, which breaks the first kosha, i.e., “Annamaya kosha” and thereby frees the soul (or, consciousness) to “infinite-eternal-knowledge-bliss”. There is no re-birth for such people.

All these koshas together form the “Maya” or, ignorance, that make us think on the basis of the body and mind, however, after enlightenment one gets rid of this ignorance and realizes that we are that infinite-eternal-bliss, ever free, all pervading consciousness.

But, for someone who can’t able to get enlightenment then, they born again and a part of their quality of their life is based upon their karmas in the past life, which is known as “Prarabdha”. 


The cycle of birth and death continues until “Moksha” (freeing from this cycle through enlightenment).

(We will discuss this in some other topic, however, If you are interested to know who you are and what is reality then, read here-: )

Now, let us come back to our discussion.

After death, the spirit (Combination of four sheaths along with consciousness/soul) leaves the body and then, the pain of death is such that it erases memories of past life, however, they feel the attraction for several days that goes on decreasing with time.

According to the past karmas, desires, wishes, hopes etc., the soul chooses its next body and the spirit is then directed towards the womb and when it enters, again some of the memories of past life deteriorated and some after the birth.

Then, the sheaths get embedded with new set of memories forgetting almost everything about the past life, however, there are some cases seen across the globe, where some people, in their early stage of life (when they are child, in between 10 years or, so) clearly able to recollect the memories of their past life.

There are also some methods in “Patanjali yoga sutras” by which one can know about their past life.

(We will discuss this in detail along with some practical example, in our future posts)

The same cycle death & rebirth continues until the attainment of “Moksha”. 

Spirit possessions

After the death, the spirit feels attraction towards the persons and objects with which they were attached when they were alive. 

In case of natural deaths like deaths due to old age or, death after a lot of suffering from any kind of chronic disease, mostly, the person didn’t feel any such attachment because, they felt so much pain that they just want to get rid of their body however, in case of unnatural deaths like accidents or, death at an early age or, murder or, even suicide etc. the attachment is so strong that, the spirit tries to haunt objects (Moving objects in order to interact with others or, attaching themselves to non-living objects) or, possess a person to convey their feelings/desires or, to interact with their loved ones.

As said earlier; the spirit has memory, knowledge etc. (although fainted to some extent) with it but, it lacks the processing unit, i.e., brain and therefore, when it interacts with different people either it feels happy, sad, angry or, emotionless but, it can’t able to find the exact cause of that feeling.

Therefore, if someone died an unnatural death by having a bitter relation with a policeman then, whenever, his/her spirit will see some policeman (in uniform, of course), it will experience a bitter feeling and the same feeling will be multiplied if it will see that same policeman or, a similar bitter situation he/she had with a policeman in his/her lifetime.


When a spirit possesses a human; it gets the brain to process its thought and subduing the existing sheaths of that person, the spirits conveys or, interacts with different people.

Therefore, there are many cases of spirit possession where a person starts speaking a language which he/she never heard in his/her lifetime and describe places & people that they don’t even know.

Who can see a spirit & who can be possessed by it?

After knowing that spirit can possess a person, the next question that comes to our mind is -:

“Can every person be possessed by a spirit?” or,

“Can everyone be able to see a spirit?”

Well, whether a person can see or, be possessed by an external entity (Spirit); depends upon two vital factors, they are -:

1. Person factor

2. Place factor

Before understanding these two factors, we need to understand a very important thing that forms the basis of this particular discussion, i.e., “Aura”.


Aura” is nothing but, an energy field surrounding an object and described in most of the spiritual texts and religions of the world.

Science tells us that matter is none other than energy itself, manifested in certain form. Similarly, “Aura” is that same energy associated with an object but, remains unmanifested and it is affected by the object and its environment.

Aura” of a person also gets affected by their emotional state of mind and thus it can be positive or, negative.

Highly positive aura is described to have a pure white color and highly negative aura have a pitch-black color. In the middle of these two extremes there are millions of other colors assigned for aura that shows different mental and emotional conditions.

Depiction of Aura in a human body

The aura of a person changes with their activity and emotional state of mind and the aura of non-living objects, animals, birds etc. are mostly influenced by the nature of environment around them.

Aura” is a form of energy and spiritual in nature, so, it can’t be seen or, perceived by any scientific instrument however, it can be felt by humans and could be seen by mystics and occultists.

Often, we see the depiction aura in the images of saints, Gods, Goddesses etc.

For example -: In many images of “Goutama Buddha” we can see a bright white circle behind his head which is nothing but, aura (highly positive aura).

Now let’s discuss about the spirit possession based on the concept of “Aura


As said earlier; not only humans but, all other living and non-living beings has this unmanifested form of energy around them.

Confusion, delusion, grief, anger, fear, jealousy, revengefulness, attachments, greed, desires, lust etc. create negative aura or, negative energy field and most of the spirits have this negative aura they have some unfulfilled desires or, attachments.

The places with less energy interactions are the abandoned/solitary places and spirits like to dwell in all such places influencing the area with their negative aura and hence, the aura of all the non-living objects, animals, birds, insects etc., residing in that area flipped towards negativity.

A lonely dark forest

So, with such domination of negative aura in the environment, even if a person with high positive aura enters that place, his positivity diminishes because of the environment and they started feeling grief, anger, fear or, pain and thus became vulnerable enough to see or, even possessed by a spirit.

Similarly, when a person enters positive places like religious places, monasteries etc., he/she feels emotions like peace, gratification etc. because, the positive aura of the place diminishes negativity in the aura of the person.

A holy place in India

Spirits generally don’t reside in such places just like crowded places where a lot of energy interaction goes on.


In normal conditions, only the ascetic persons (Those with white colored aura) or, people who are involved in paranormal activities or, occult practices can able to see them.

People who uses spirits to harm others can also able to see and experience spirits, as well. However, all such persons, especially, the ascetic persons are difficult to be possessed by the spirits.

Apart from these persons, there are some other persons; called the “Chosen one” can also see/experience the spirits and some of them can even be possessed by them. They have this tendency from birth.

The spirits who are in dilemma and try to convey something then, they try to pop-up in front of people or, possess them and thus, they always try to interfere with the auras of people and the aura of “Chosen one” are vulnerable enough to be interacted by spirits.

Normal people with fear, anger, grief, arrogance etc. creates negative aura around them and thus, make them vulnerable to negative things and entities.

From this discussion on aura concept, place factor and person factor for spirit possession and experience, we conclude on these 4 points -:

1. If the place is highly negative then, positivity in the person diminishes and negativity increases.

2. If the place is highly positive then, positivity in the person increases and negativity diminishes.

3. If the person is highly negative the, a positive place will have less impact and a negative place will have higher impact on the person.

4. If the person is highly positive then, a positive place will have higher impact and a negative place will have less impact.

If a person has any kind of relation, especially, deep relation (Maybe positive or, negative) with the deceased person then, he/she became more vulnerable to see the spirit of that person and can also be possessed by them, if possible.

So, this is what spirituality taught us about ghosts and spirits and with this we end our ten-part long series discussion of the “Mysteries of spirits & ghosts”.

Let’s see the conclusion of our long discussion


In the ten-part long discussion, although we covered most of the facts about ghosts and spirits but, still there are many such weird mysterious things present about them which can neither be explained by science nor by logic. 

For example -: Spirits, who don’t have a brain to function their thoughts can move the planchet machine held by the invoker to write their name and sometimes move objects to form a pattern to give some hints to the invoker.

Now, how they able to do all such thing without even possessing a human and how exactly they interact with us, is still unknown.

Again, people talk about various kinds of such entities and some of them can do shape shifting too.

Day by day, paranormal researchers are getting evidences about spirits and their weird interaction with us and may be someday we could able to figure out more about them. However, knowing everything about them through science or, logic is impossible because, they don’t belong to our realm and our rules don’t applied to them.

But, whatever it might be, one thing is certain -:

"Ghosts/spirits exists and sometimes they do interact with us."


If you have had any weird experience or, can provide some logical reason to any paranormal phenomenon then, let me know in the comments and if I get some more information on this topic, then, I’ll share that with you as well.

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