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If you haven’t read the previous parts of this article then, I recommend you to read those first for better understanding of the subject.  

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In the last post of this series, we discussed about various kinds of spirits (good spirits, bad spirits etc.) that a person may become after death according to their nature and type of death, in a very logical manner.

In this post we will continue the discussion on the “Logical explanation about the existence of spirits & ghosts”.

How spirits work?

After knowing so much about the spirits and ghosts, we became very much anxious to know about the functions of spirits or, how they work.

Paranormal experts provide a very nice explanation in this context.

In horror movies, we often see an angry spirit causing harm to people but, this is not completely true because, spirits don’t have a brain and hence they don’t have any imagination or, procrastination capabilities. 

However, they only have tendencies and the actions in the external world imparts some sort of positive or, negative emotions around them that triggers the spirit to generate good or, bad tendencies.


Again, the absence of brain in spirits make them to be deprived of past memories, therefore, in reality, they can’t able to recognize anything or, anyone. However, as they are attached to their physical body, people, objects and experiences during their life time hence, after death also their astral body (Spirit) feels that attraction towards all such things.

Moreover, spirits are only attracted towards the things they are more attached to and the first thing that comes under this list is their own physical body. Just after the death, the spirit tries to go inside the body again but, their failure in doing so gives them a permanent sadness.

When the dead body gets cremated or, buried then, it makes them even sadder and some spirit tend to stay in the graveyard too with a hope of reuniting with their physical body.

As we discussed that spirits only have tendencies hence, if a person is murdered by someone then, their spirits will feel good attraction to their loved ones and a bitter attraction towards their enemies. Similarly, suppose a person performs any action which is similar to a good act that the spirit has experienced during its life time then, it gives the spirit a good feeling and if the action is similar to a bad/bitter act that the spirit has experienced during its life time then, it gives them a bad/angry feeling.

Spirits are always in a dilemma and in a dream like state experiencing other dimensions as well and they always try to pop-up in front of humans to convey their pain or, anger according to the emotions that they experienced.


Spirits perform repetitive acts and usually it turns out to be the last painful experience that the person had before death. Such situations generally occur to the person who might have died in a car crash or, murdered.

In all such cases, if the person gets too hurt by the incident then, after the death the spirit of the person is capable of repeating the same incident time to time at the same place of incident. People across the world claims to see such things as well.

This case is also applied to “Mass-killing cases” where a number of people die at the same time like railway accidents or, some unexpected event etc.

For example-: If a number of people died in train accident at a certain place and time then, the whole incident is usually performed by the spirits at the same place and sometimes at the same time of accident.


In all such cases, other objects like the car or, train or, pets etc. are created by the spirit(s) of the person(s) died. This is done by the spirits unintentionally and all the time this act gives them an immense feeling of pain.

Paranormal experts can’t able to understand how exactly such spirit(s) are capable of doing all such things but, they suspect that this a kind of illusion performed by the sad spirits.

Only the people who get highly impacted by such incidents are able to perform such acts after their death and not all of them.
(We will discuss such real and peculiar events in our later posts of this series)

Spirits of other living beings

Till now, we discussed many things about the spiritual energy (Spirits) of human beings but, now another question emerges here -:

Do the other living creatures like animals, bacteria, trees etc. have spirits too?

Well, we can answer this by applying a simple logic.

As we know, all the living creatures have a life force associated with them but, there are certain things that makes human different that others like -: consciousness (Objective), intellect etc.


But, living beings like plants and micro-organisms only have the life force (basically, the air that moves inside their organs to give them a life) and when they die, their soul (Which is different from spirit or, astral body) goes out and takes another birth (Their next birth is usually a higher being like if a bacterium dies then, it may become an ant in the next life).

(We will discuss about the cycle of life and birth in some other post in detail along with the involvement of “Karma”)

Similarly, animals like dogs, cats etc. (Pets) have a little amount of memory and intellect but, they are very much fragile. So, when these animals/birds die then, their soul goes out to take another birth.

However, we can’t neglect the “Spiritual energy (Spirit)” in other living beings but, this energy or, spirit is highest in humans and extremely low for domestic animals or, pets and lowers further (negligible or, almost zero) in case of wild animals, micro-organisms and plants.

This is the main reason why we don’t get any sudden weight loss issue for living beings other than humans in the famous “21 gram experiment”.

Apart from all such things, we need to understand that animals are driven by their natural instincts and they have only four major works to do in their entire life repeatedly, that are -: eating, sleeping, mating and protecting themselves.

Whenever someone takes any animal for domestication then, it is the humans who influence these animals but, in reality animals don’t have any hopes, wishes or, permanent strong attachment. 

Therefore, we can conclude that -: 

The spiritual energy lowers down in case of living beings other than humans and thus they don’t have any spirit or, zero effective spirit after death.

However, there are some people who claim that some domestic or, wild animals can also behave as a ghost/spirit but, this claim is not completely true.


Most of the time people claim such things along with the presence of human spirits. Here, the animals seen are not the spirit of the animal but, of that human spirit because as discussed earlier, spirits are capable of creating illusions of non-living things and other animals too that had a great impact in their life.

But, there are some people who claim that they saw their pet or, listen to the sound of their pet after its death. This also happen very rarely and most of the times with pets like dogs and cats ( particularly when they die a sudden or, unnatural death) because pet animals develop a love and affection (temporary) with their master. Still, such phenomena can occur for a few days only (2-3 days) because, their spirit is not so strong and neither their memory nor, attachments during their life time.

If someone claims that their dead pet keep on appearing or, showing its presence for more than 15 days then, either that is not the spirit of the dog (it may be some human spirit mostly, evil spirit doing all such activities) or, they may be hallucinating such things because of their personal attachment with the pet.

Still this is a debatable topic and may be the nature is much more different than our imagination.

With this we will end our sub-topic of “Logical explanation for the existence of ghosts and spirits” and in our next post we will continue our discussion with a new sub-topic, i.e., “Spiritual perspective on the existence of ghost & spirits”.

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