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In the last post of this series we discussed the logical explanation about the existence of ghosts by paranormal experts around the globe.
In this post we will continue the same discussion further.

Who became a spirit?

It is one of the most challenging questions for a paranormal expert.

According to researchers, all the people who die actually become a spirit/ghost but, they dwell in this earth for few days ranging from 11 days to 6 months. 


Although, they dwell in the earth in some other form but, it doesn’t mean that all of them pop-up in front of their loved ones or, enemies; rather, most of the spirits just get out of the world without showing any sorts of indication of their presence.

Then, the next question arises here is -: Which type of spirits actually pop-up in front of humans?

Well, there are many evil people who cause harm to human kind, relatives, friends etc. like terrorists, serial killers, corrupted people etc. 

When such evil minded people die by any means (May be by accident or, murdered or, a natural death) then, their confused spiritual energy go to a dream state where it experiences only cruel and bad things which is like a deadly nightmare for them and they just can’t able to escape from that state. However, they constantly want someone to help them to escape from such deadly state.So, such persons don’t appear generally as they are very much indulged in that nightmare which can be otherwise called as “Hell”.

If someone invoke such spirits then, these entities feel very relaxed and happy but, due to their natural tendency to cause harm to others, they became “Evil spirits”.

Depiction of an evil spirit

Such spirits can harm anyone (including the invoker) without any specific reason. However, there are some expert invokers who can control such evil energies and can use them to cause harm to others.

In addition to this, there are some good people like people who served the 
society or, a philanthropist or, a spiritualist etc. exists too in our world. 

When such people die by any means (may be by an accident or, murdered or, a natural death) then, they experience a very happy and sweet dream like state which can be otherwise referred as “Heaven”. Therefore, such entities also don’t appear in our world as they are so much indulged in ecstasy.

However, if somebody invokes such spirits then, being a “Good spirit” they neither cause any harm to anybody nor they seek revenge, as a part of their natural tendency to do good. But, they feel bad because for them, it was like waking up a person who is enjoying a very happy dream.

Depiction of a good spirit

Some expert invokers may also use and manipulate such good spirits to cause harm to others but,  they usually don’t prefer good spirits for such evil works because, for all such negative works the evil spirits are the best option for them.

Now, apart from these two extremes, there are many people in our planet earth who live a general life and for all such people, we have two cases -:

First case

When such people die naturally (for example -: by aging or, because of some chronic diseases that made them to wish for death etc.) and they don’t have any strong desire or, attachment (especially) then, the spiritual energy (Spirit) seldom appears.

Depiction of a spirit going out of the body after a natural death

These spirits usually stay up to 11 to 13 days and in some cases up to 30 days on earth and then, they travel to some other dimensions.

Second case

When normal peoples die unnaturally (for example -: Untimely death or, death by an accident or, murdered etc.) having an unfulfilled desire or, wish or, any strong attachment (especially) then, the spirit of such peoples make objects or, houses haunted.

Well, this doesn’t mean that, they are always going to harm everybody. However, these spirits are always in a try to pop-up before humans because they want to convey their pain or, want some kind of help, In addition to this, these types of spirits also tries constantly to fulfill their desires that they had when alive.

Moreover, spirits who are very much attached to any object or, house when they are alive then, they are very much reluctant to share their things with any stranger (especially) hence, they can cause harm to people who interfere with such haunted objects.

Depiction of a spirit dwelling in a home with some unfulfilled desires

These spirits can stay on earth usually for 6 to 10 months but, in some cases they can spend eons here until the natural destruction of that object. Another way to free the spirits from earth is to detaching them from their possessed object by means of some spiritual practices.

If we consider some cases around the globe then, we often come across cases where people claims that they are being abused sexually by some supernatural power or, things in their house like a doll or, even the whole house is haunted.
Behind all such cases, there exists a spirit with some unfulfilled desire.

Also, People who died unnaturally with a bad experience then, their spirit tend to appear near the place of their death. The reason behind this is quite simple; as we know spirits are always in a great dilemma and they just feel attraction towards things that gave them a good or, a worse experience during their life.

If a person dies accidentally or, with severe pain that gave him/her a terrible experience then, they continue to exist in that place with a grief or, with a tendency to take revenge. The spirits who experience pain, pop-up in front of humans to take some help and the spirits who seek revenge as their natural tendency, try to harm others.

In our next post, we will continue the same topic that provides the logical explanation  about the existence of ghosts and spirits.

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