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In the heart of some galaxies, there exists a cosmic monster that transforms a new galaxy into one of the brightest and deadliest object in space.

"Quasars" are peculiar objects, each powered by a super massive black hole that continuously swallows a large amount of matter into it (approximately 10 to 20 stars per year).

A depiction of "Quasar"

As these super massive black holes takes in more matter, therefore, it gives out more amount of energy which makes it a “Quasar”, that is 10 trillion times (Approx.) more brighter than our sun. The power that comes out is more than hundred normal galaxies.

How the “Quasars” are created?

The “Quasar” phenomenon is related to the last stages of galactic merging process.

Just after the galactic merger, a “Quasar” gets activated at the centre of the newly formed galaxy for a period of 10 to 100 million years.

Galactic merger phenomena

The word “Quasar” stands for “Quasi stellar radio source” which means “Quasars” are star like emitters of radio waves.

This word was coined when the “Quasar” phenomenon was a mystery for science, but, now we know  that they are not star-like objects and also in addition to radio waves they also emits visible rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared waves, X-rays and gamma rays too.


“Quasars” were first discovered in 1960 AD and in later periods when the radio telescope imaging became better, scientists discovered that some “Quasars” also have powerful jets beaming out of them.

These particular “Quasars” are thus named as “Blazars”.

Just like the “Quasars”, “Blazars” are also powered by the “super-massive black hole” but, here a large amount of energy has been focused in the form of a jet that streams out from it.

Energy jets streaming out from a "Blazar"

The plasma jet of a “Blazar” produces radiation ranging from radio waves to all the way up to the gamma rays.

The speed of these “Blazar jets” are really very high and the highest speed observed till was 99.9% that of the speed of light.

The cosmic objects that are too close to such plasma jets suffer a deadly consequence. If a planet is just few light years away from the “Blazar” then, the radiations are enough to make it a living hell.

Scientists are currently observing “Blazars” through highly magnified radio telescopes to know the composition of its plasma jet and other things about the “Super-massive black hole” and “Quasars”.

There are a lot of such dangerous places in our uncontrollable universe. Each second, violent energetic event are going on and trillions of sun are shining at once, in our universe.

We, humans, live in a pale blue dot in the vastness of the universe and absolutely safe from all such dangers but, we have to worry about these events once we start our voyage in the depths of our universe with a space craft.

With this we conclude our series on “The hells in the heaven”. Hope you enjoyed it.

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