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If you haven’t read the first two parts of this article then, I recommend you to read those first for better understanding of the subject.  Read here –: Part-1 , Part-2 , Part-3 , Part-4 , Part-5

As discussed in the last part, let us discuss how paranormal experts prove the existence of ghosts in a logical manner.

Logical interpretation of ghosts

If we logically evaluate this matter, then, we could find the traces about the existence of ghosts in the work of famous physicist “Albert Einstein”.

Albert  Einstein
In the early 1900’s; Einstein gave a regarding energy and mass. If we take the conclusion of such theories then, existence of ghosts can be certainly confirmed.

As per the theory; matter and energy are like two sides of the same coin and inter-convertible. Moreover; from the conservation principle, we know that energy can neither be created nor, destroyed and so as mass.

Energy only transforms ; never dies

Therefore, energy and mass both transforms from one form to another and the total amount of energy and mass is constant in a closed system, i.e., our universe.

Paranormal experts use this scientific principle as proof for the transformation of the “Spiritual energy” present in the living beings (Especially humans) into some other form; after death.

Spiritual energy

But, one may ask some questions like -:
  • What is “Spiritual energy”?
  • What confirms the existence of “Spiritual energy”?
So, let us understand this “spiritual energy” -:

Spiritual Energy

Whenever we discuss about the physical body then, it is easy to see its transformation.
For example-: Our body changes every moment and we become older day by day, i.e.  We see ourselves as a child then, as a youth and finally as an old person.

Birth to death cycle
Similarly, after death, our body decomposed in soil and act as a natural fertilizer for plants to grow. Again the plant was eaten by some animals and excreted further.
In this way, the cycle goes on and in any way or, other; the remains of our body exists in this universe in different forms.

small plants near tombstone

This is all about the physical body and it is very easy to understand about the transformation of the matter. Now, let us talk about the energy part.

Whenever, paranormal researchers talk about the spiritual energy, they never forget to discuss about the famous “21 grams theory”.

21 grams theory

A Physician named "Duncan MacDougall” once performed a very famous experiment.

Duncan MacDougall

In this experiment, he weighed a person just before the death and after the death and the result he found was quite shocking.
Here, he found a difference of “21 grams” in the weight of the same person measured just before and after the death.
                Therefore, he suggested that a body losses 21 grams just after death and hence, the weight of the spiritual energy or, spirit can be taken as 21 grams.
An American news paper published about the 21 grams experiment

But, some people and scientists thought that this theory isn’t correct because weight can also be decreased by some metabolic process occurring in the body, just before the death.

Hence to prove his theory correct; Duncan MacDougall performed this experiment for several times and astonishingly in each and every case, the result was same and he found a loss of exact “21 grams”.
                If metabolic processes were responsible, then, the result must vary and at least can’t be exactly same all the time, irrespective of the weight of the body.

Spiritual energy leaving the body

Thus, this experiment became famous in the name of “21 grams theory” and the best conclusion that could be drawn from this was -:

There exists certain energy in the human body which escapes after death creating a loss of 21 grams in the body.

Now, this energy is nothing but “spiritual energy” or, “spirit” or, “soul”.

{Actually, “soul” and “spirit” are two different things and we will explain the difference in the later parts}

If we apply some logic and proper reasoning, then, as per the energy theory; this spiritual energy must exist in certain form in the universe and paranormal researchers named this as “spirits” or, more specifically “ghosts”.

Haunted objects & houses from the view of paranormal researchers

Many times we come across the word “haunted” which simply means occupied or, possessed by spirits/ghosts (mostly evil entity).

People who come across such experiences like spending time in a haunted house or, with a haunted object then, they often claim to feel anxiety, fear, unpleasantness, sadness etc. and some even claim to be observed by someone (some entity).


Well, feeling to being observed by some entity is called as “Psychic Staring Effect" ; in scientific terms and according to science; it is nothing more than our imagination.

But, let us analyze the fact deeply.

Here a question comes to our mind Why such awkward feeling come to us when we come across certain objects or, places (especially “haunted”)?

As per the paranormal researchers; when a person dies with a very bad emotional experience (like; accidents , untimely deaths etc.) or, with some unfulfilled wishes, then, their spiritual energy get absorbed in the objects that they like the most and such objects became “Haunted”.
                This is the reason because of which; when a person interacts with such objects, they feel awkward (may be anxiety, unpleasant, fear, unhappiness etc.) as if they were experiencing the pain of that dead person.

Moreover; spirits usually appear near these objects because of their close connection with that object.

Waverly hills Sanatorium- A haunted hospital

As per the paranormal researchers; spirits don’t have any brain and hence they have no thoughts. Therefore, the concept of “time” isn’t present in case of spirits. Also, because of the absence of brain, they can’t think or, imagine anything.

Now a question comes here -: If spirits don’t have any concept of “time” then, why they usually appear in night time?

The answer of this question is quite simple and also discussed in previous parts, i.e., the absence of noise and electro-magnetic activities (Especially solitary & abandoned places) provides a suitable condition for ghosts to appear.

Again, as per the paranormal researchers; the lack of capability to think or, imagine put the spirits in dilemma and they feel as if they are alive or, in a dream.
Lack of thinking also led them to repeat a certain action for many times or, they became obsessed with their last unfulfilled wishes or, with their last unpleasant moment.


Paranormal researchers also suggest that spirit can act as soothsayers and they often do soothsaying by intercepting in dreams of their enemy or, dearest one.
                The forecasting of future events is possible for spirits because they don’t have any concept of “time” associated with them.

Modern fields of science like quantum mechanics, string theory, parallel universe concept etc. suggest that there are many other dimensions and many other worlds with different laws of science.
                All these concepts suggest paranormal experts that, spirits dwell in other dimensions and certain events in our world invoke them to intervene in our world.

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