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If you haven’t read the first two parts of this article then, I recommend you to read those first for better understanding of the subject.  Read here –: Part-1 , Part-2 , Part-3 , Part-4

In the last part, we have seen some scientific explanation along with their validation in practical situations of some paranormal activities.

Now, let us discuss what science has to say on events like NDE (near death experiences) and OBE (out of body experiences) and also we will see how psychologists give explanations for various paranormal activities.

Quantum Mechanics & Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

There are many cases around the globe where people came back to life after being clinically dead because of some medical treatment or, sometimes by some miracle.

But, the interesting thing is; when they came back to life, they claim to have some experiences (mostly happy/good) when they were dead.

Most of the people claim to see some kind of bright light while others claim that they passed through a tunnel towards a bright source.


This type of phenomena is still a mystery because there are cases where some people exactly described the situations around their body when they were dead.

For example-: Some people exactly described that how doctors cure them and treated their body while they were in bed lying dead.


Some eminent scientist of quantum mechanics like Dr. Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose theorized that; human consciousness comes from the micro-tubules inside our brain cells and these tubules are responsible for quantum processing (that we call as “Soul” basically).

Roger Penrose & Stuart Hameroff

                Hameroff and Penrose  believe that when the people have NDE , all that quantum information leaves the brain , yet continues to exist , which is why some people report OBE (Out of body experience) and lights at the end of tunnels.

Many scientists have problems with hypothesis of Hameroff and Penrose because the idea was highly theoretical and don’t have any practical proof nor does it fit well in our modern scientific understanding.
Moreover; quantum mechanics and phenomena like “quantum entanglement” is still not understood clearly.

However , this explanation is one that scientist could gave at best for phenomena like NDE and OBE but, the truth is , modern science don’t have any strong explanation for such thing.

Again, if at all we take such hypothesis into consideration; then also it will fail to explain the facts where people describe the whole scenario around their body when they were lying as dead.

Unlike other scientists; Dr. Henry Stapp (a respected quantum physicist who worked with the famous physicist Warner Heisenberg) believes in the hypothesis of Hameroff and Penrose.

Henry Stapp

According to him; a person’s personality might be able to survive death and exist as a “Mental entity”. Stapp theorizes; if these entities could return to the physical world, then concepts like possession and channeling could really be possible.

Well, we don’t know scientist like Stapp, Hameroff and Penrose are just wishful thinkers o, modern day Galileo but, one conclusion can be drawn out from such theories, i.e.
Such scientist are just describing “spirits”, “souls”, “possessions” etc. in a sophisticated scientific manner which are already there in ancient scriptures and told by good paranormal researchers . So, one may conclude that “Science and spirituality are converging”.

{We will discuss about NDEs and OBEs in a descriptive manner in a special articles along with some cases.}

A Psychologist’s explanation for paranormal activities

Mold growth

Mold growth refers to the molding of brain according to the situation.


This happen because , in our life time we see many horror moves with creepy sounds and scenes and therefore, when we interact with such similar situations in our practical life then, without any reasoning ; we take such activity as paranormal and once our brain is convinced with it then it start showing us things which are not there in real.

Someone else said it was real

Psychologists tested and founded that, if someone else confidently asserts that they saw something then. It might influence a fellow eye-witness to believe that they saw it too.

This phenomenon is also applied for “Ghost sightings” and psychologists believe that this is the reason behind ghost sightings.

We want to believe

Psychologists say that; there is a motivational side to belief in ghosts because we all want to believe in the idea of life after death.

Life after death - Hell or, Heaven

The idea of our mortality is the one that we are not comfortable with and hence, confirmation bias holds powerful sway over our perceptions.
Therefore, we find it much easier to believe evidence for something that we want to believe anyway.

Conclusion that can be drawn from all kinds of scientific and psychological explanation about ghost

In the last four parts of our series “The mystery of spirits and ghosts”; we have seen many scientific and psychological explanations for various paranormal activities.

Although all such theories and explanation can’t be discarded completely and they hold true for many cases which was first suspected to be supernatural ; however, they also fails to explain many things as discussed in earlier parts (Refer previous parts).

Psychologist may think that all such paranormal activities are nothing but the creation of our own mind but, there are cases of evil possessions where psychologists remain silence or, can’t able to give a strong explanation.
NDEs and OBEs are still a mystery for science in this modern era.

So, simply discarding the presence of supernatural entities just because our modern science can’t explain it will be a stereotypical activity.

From ancient times, people are talking about ghosts and spirits; therefore, the speculations made for such a mystery can’t be completely wrong.
Paranormal experts and our ancient scriptures believe in the presence of such entities and they also provide various logical and reasonable explanations for paranormal activities.

Now, let us see the logical interpretations of paranormal activities.

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