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If you haven’t read the first two parts of this article then, I recommend you to read those first for better understanding of the subject.  Read here –: Part-1 , Part-2

In the last part, we have seen some scientific explanation along with their validation in practical situations of some paranormal activities.

Now, let us discuss some more of such activities and their scientific explanation with validation.

Electric stimulation of brain

People often claim to see ghosts in the form of a shadow being but, according to scientists and psychologist this phenomenon occurs due to the activation of “Temporo-parietal junction” in the brain that makes things really spooky for a person.

Shadow ghost image

Temporo-parietal junction

It is the part of the brain that defines the idea of self and tells the difference between ourselves and others.

Temporo-parietal junction in the brain

Therefore any problem in such area or, any kind of electric stimulation in such area can lead to the creation of a copycat shadow person.


Some Swiss scientists electrically stimulated the “Temporo-parietal junction” an epileptic patient and things got really spooky for the person as the doctors really screwed up the brain’s ability to understand its own body.

The patient reported a shadow person sitting behind her, copying her every move, i.e. when she sat up, it also sat up and when she bent forward and grabbed her knees, it reached around her body and held her.
The doctor then told her to read a card but, the shadow person tried to take it out of her hand.

Therefore, researchers claim this phenomenon to be the reason behind the encounter of shadow beings and other creatures by many people around the world.



The activation of “Temporo-parietal junction” is more frequent in case of schizophrenic people and epileptic patients. However, when it comes to normal and healthy people this type of activation in the brain is quite impossible without any external electric stimulation.

Paranormal researchers argue that, this type of activation of “Temporo-parietal junction” may be true for schizophrenic people and epileptic patients but, for healthy humans, there must be some external electric stimulation responsible for such activation and this activation is done by ghosts or, spirits who are nothing but a kind of energy which can interfere with electro-magnetism.

Inside the brain neurons communicate with each other through electrical signals helping us to do various functions 

As electrical activities occur inside the brain for various functions so, ghost act as the external means to activate “Temporo-parietal junction” of healthy humans in order to show-off their presence.

Again, this type of activation generally creates a shadow person which usually copies the activity of the victim but, there are cases where people don’t see a shadow but another creepy person or, a person out of smoke/mist which barely copies the victim’s activity.

Mass Hysteria

Mass hysteria is a psychological event and this creates a collective delusion to people when they are really stressed out due to their oppressive environments (like strict school or, busy work place).

In a mass hysteria; one or, a few people felt some strange symptoms (due to any scientific or, may be unscientific reason) and by listening to them other people became panic.


In June 2013; over 3000 workers went on strike at a garment factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh.  They are not protesting long working hours or, salary increment but, they wanted someone to do something about the ghost in the bathroom.

Mass hysteria at Bangladesh on June , 2013

An angry spirit had attacked a worker in the lady’s bathroom, causing everyone to panic. A riot ensued and the police had to restore order. The owner of the Bangladeshi factory then performed an exorcism there.

An imagination of ghost in the bathroom

It is very interesting to note that very few of the workers actually seen the ghosts and even the woman who sparked the frenzy didn’t actually seen anything. She just got sick and assumed that it was a work of an evil spirit, but the suggestion was so powerful and the circumstances were so perfect that everyone freaked out.

A similar event took place at a school in Patong, Phuket when 22 students were hospitalized after seeing the ghost of an old lady.

Scientists believe that mass hysteria is responsible behind the stories of haunted houses and curse objects where people strongly believe a fact just because any anonymous had said so which affects our brain sub-consciously.


Mass hysteria is a very rare case now-a-days because people in cities are educated and believe in science.

Moreover, for a mass hysteria to occur; it needs a sufficient amount of people who are in stress at the same time and also suitable environmental circumstances.

These two conditions are sufficient to make the case of mass hysteria a rarer one.

Thus, it can be concluded that, mass hysteria explanation can’t be applicable in all cases and for all haunted house and cursed objects.


When people are possessed by a spirit then, they usually speak things which are very strange. They talk about things about people who they barely know.

Again some exorcism expert and paranormal researchers claim that they can call any spirit from another dimension to posses them and speak their desires, wants or wishes.

A case of evil possession

Scientists believe that, a phenomenon named “Automatism” is responsible for such possessions.

Automatism” is an “altered state of consciousness” where people say and think about things that they are not aware of.

Automatism-: Our brain is more complex than we can ever think of and it can do wonders

As per scientists , whatever the possessed person says are actually coming from his/her own mind and not from any otherworldly guide because our brain is working overtime all the time and hence capable of coming up with all kinds of crazy stuffs without any conscious effort on our part.


The idea of “Automatism” in case of possession is true but, up to certain extent because there are so many cases where people speak completely different languages and things which are very far from close.

For example-: Imagine a case where a possessed person, who never gone to school for education and lives in a rural area, speaking fluent English and describing about a distant place with all the details.

Actually, it’s not just an imagination but such cases actually happened and science of “Automatism” fails here to explain anything.

Possession cases shown on movies based on true events like “The Exorcist” (released in 1973) & “The Conjuring” (released in 2013) are very much similar to the actual possession occurred and can’t be explained strongly by any current scientific explanations.

Movie posters of "The Conjuring" and "The Exorcist"

Also, “Automatism” doesn’t explain anything about “object possession” like spirits possessing dolls etc.

"Robert-The doll" and "Annabelle" are the two most popular cursed objects in the world

The possessed objects are generally called as “Cursed objects” and science has no strong explanation for such facts. There are many cursed objects in our world but, the most popular are-:  “Annabelle” & “Robert-The doll” (More information on such cursed objects will be published soon).

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