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If you haven’t read the 1st part then, I recommend you to read that first for better understanding.  Read here –: Part-1

In the last part, we discussed various facts related to ghosts or spirits. Now, let us interpret some of these facts in a scientific way.
According to science; there is nothing like ghosts or, spirits and everything has a scientific explanation.

An imagination of a scary ghost

So, let us see how science explains various phenomena and also the phenomena where science fails to explain. Moreover; here we will judge how strong the explanation of science is.

The Infrasound effect

The unusual behavior of some animals like cats and dogs (like barking & staring at nothing or, in a particular direction) often taken as a sign of some paranormal activity. Moreover, feeling of anxiety and fear in a lonely place also means the same.

But, according to science, it is actually the effect of infrasound which has been misinterpreted.

Sound ranges with naming 

Sound with frequency less than 20 hertz can’t be heard by humans; however, animals like cats and dogs can hear such noises.

As per Dr. Richard Wiseman; although human can’t hear infrasound but, these sounds can arise negative and positive feeling within us.

Richard Wiseman

Due to this infrasound effect sometime we presume the existence of ghosts in lonely and/or, abandoned places because of the negative feeling production within us. Moreover, our belief becomes even stronger because of the awkward activities of cats and dogs around, because of the same infrasound effect.

How Infrasound is generated?

Events like cyclones, wind flow, climate change, electronic devices and even the movement of our eyes can produce infrasound.

Infrasound generation

Evidences of Infrasound effect

Dr. Wiseman visited investigated two underground haunted sites and he discovered the evidence of infrasound coming from the traffic overhead.

Validation of this effect

Well, generation of infrasound seems to be a very common phenomenon and in such way, we are actually surrounded by such infrasound vibration but, it barely effects us.
Therefore, may be in some cases intense infrasound vibration may cause such peculiar activities but, this effect fails to give a strong argument.

The Convection current effect

Cold breeze used to blow suddenly near graveyards and abandoned lonely places. We had also seen such things in horror movies.

Paranormal activists suggest that the presence of ghosts generate such cold spots but, scientists suggest that, cold breeze blows because of the transfer of heat energy from the relatively hotter human body to the cooler surroundings.
Therefore such cold breeze can be named as “convection current”.

Cool air taking out heat from the human body and making it cooler

Abandoned places and places like graveyards are generally cooler, so, when any human enters in such places then to make the temperature of human body same as the surrounding , heat flows from the body to the surroundings . This makes a drop in temperature in the human body and he/she feels the coolness and cold spots.

Validation of this effect

Though the concept of convection current is true but, there are cases when a person suddenly feels the heavy coolness which makes him/her shiver.

But, if convection is truly responsible in all the cases, then the people must feel gradual fall in temperature in all cases and not sudden fall of temperature.

Another argument will be-:  In our earth we can’t find a place which is a cooler and a place just neat to that is hotter but, always we will find a “Temperature gradient” which means, temperature gradually falls from one place to another. Therefore, when we travel from one relatively hotter place to a cooler place then due to gradual fall in temperature our, body will automatically adjust the temperature as per the surrounding by convection so that, when we reach a cooler place we feel the surrounding coolness as that of the surrounding.

Infrared image of fire shows the temperature gradient ,i.e., the temperature decreases gradually while moving away from the fire and not suddenly. Here , the yellow color (hottest) don't change directly to blue color (coolest) but gradually through red , orange and purple color (moderate heat zones)

Hence, one can say that when a person is at a cooler place then his/her body has already adjusted the temperature in the journey due to the temperature gradient which minimizes the chances of further convection and feeling coolness. 
So, sudden fall in temperature or, falling of temperature at a faster rate or, formation of cold spot is actually a spooky thing.

 Carbon Monoxide Intoxication

As per paranormal researchers; Ghosts can’t kill any human by itself and if they want to do so then, they need to possess the person or, any object or, any other person.
Without possession also a ghost can kill someone by fearing them with some spooky activity.

Ghost trying to terrify a person

But, as per science; people who claim to suffer by ghosts or, died by ghosts are actually victims who are intoxicated by carbon monoxide gas.
Well, Carbon monoxide (CO) gas is a colorless & odorless gas and thus very hard to detect.

CO gas has more affinity towards the hemoglobin of our blood than oxygen (about 200 times more affinity).
Therefore; if more amount of CO-gas has been inhaled by someone then it can cause suffocation and hallucination and a sufficient amount of CO-gas can cause death.

CO gas production

CO gas is produce due to burning of fire (mostly).

Because of CO gas people used to die inside a burning room out of suffocation than actual burning in fire as their hemoglobin collects CO instead of oxygen which creates a deficiency of oxygen in the body and hence suffocation and hallucination .

Evidences of CO gas intoxication

In 1921, ophthalmologist “William Wilmer” published a paper in the American journal of Ophthalmology.

William Wilmer

It told the story of “H” family and their haunted house. This haunted house was plagued with the sounds of slamming doors, moving furniture and footsteps in empty rooms and one of the children felt something sitting on him while the other was attacked by a mysterious stranger. With such absurd acts their plants started to die and it was then they discovered the “faulty furnace”.

The haunted house of  'H' family

                The furnace is actually pouring the exhaust gases inside the house instead of sending them outside and thus poisoning the family with CO gas.

Validation of this effect

Although CO gas intoxication seems to be a strong argument but, it is not because it can’t justify paranormal activities and deaths in lonely abandoned places which are mostly pollution free.

For example -: Bhangarh fort, Alwar, Rajasthan, India

Bhangarh fort , Alwar , Rajasthan , India

This is a place where scientists fail to give any scientific explanation for the paranormal activities and thus you can find a warning board outside this fort which restricts the visiting to this fort after the sunset and before the sunrise. This warning board is given by “Archaeological survey of India” which is a government organization in India.

Warning sign board at Bhangarh fort , India

Well, this is one of the many examples and there are many such unexplained places around the globe.

However, this CO gas intoxication effect may give an explanation to strange things that happen in cremation ground where dead bodies are burned and this can produce CO gas which in turn can give suffocation and hallucination.

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